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These burners come with a coloured glazed dish.

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Wax Melter |  Wax Melt Burner

These gorgeous little burners are available with a white or coloured dish on the top.

Height: 10cm
Width: 8cm
Depth: 6cm


• Place 1 chunk of your wax melt into the dish on top of your burner.

• Then place an unscented tea light in the bottom of the burner and light it. We recommend using a 4 hour unscented tea light. These can be found and purchased in most supermarkets.

• The wax will not melt down like a candle, instead it will keep it’s size and release your chosen scent into the room. The fragrance will weaken over time, once the fragrance is lost its time to replace your wax melt.

• To remove the used wax melt, heat the burner as you would in the steps above with your tea light, let the wax melt ever so slightly so the top of the wax melt is still solid and use a cotton ball or pad to slide the wax out. Be careful as the heated wax underneath will be hot. Never use anything sharp to try and remove the solid wax. Any cracks or chips can be dangerous.

• You can then replace with a new wax melt and follow the steps above.

*Full safety information can be found on the bottom of each burner. Please read before first use*

For peace of mind, By The Seaside Wax Melts is fully insured and CLP compliant.


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