By The Seaside Sea Breeze Heart Wax Melts


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This gorgeous melt is scented with the lovely sea breeze scent.

Fits our SPH, MPH & LPH Postal box with up to two – six other items and our postbox hamper

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Handmade Soy Wax Melts – Pack of six
These heart melts are packed in clear cellophane bags which are also biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.


• Place 1 or 2 heart wax melts into the dish on top of your burner.
• Then place an unscented tea light in the bottom of the burner and light it. Sofia at By The Seaside recommends using a 4 hour unscented tea light.
• The wax will not melt down like a candle, instead it will keep its size and release the scent into the room. The fragrance will weaken over time, once the fragrance is lost its time to replace your wax melt.
• To remove the used wax melt, heat the burner as you would in the steps above with your tea light, let the wax melt ever so slightly so the top of the wax melt is still solid and use a cotton ball or pad to slide the wax out. Be careful as the heated wax underneath will be hot.
• You can then replace with a new wax melt and follow the steps above.

For peace of mind, By The Seaside Wax Melts is fully insured and CLP compliant.


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