Postbox Hamper with Washed Up with the Tide Tea Towel, Mini Soap Set and Wild Flower Seed Bombs


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This is one of our postbox gift hampers which are perfect if you’re not sure if the recipient will be at home as they do as the name implies just pop through the postbox!

This one has a collection of fantastic locally sourced goodies from Port & Lemon, Southsea Bathing Hut and Wild Flowers.

Port & Lemon Washed up with the Tide 100% Cotton Tea Towel

Port & Lemon’s galley cloths (or tea towels for those land lovers) are made of 100% cotton and are hand screen printed.

This design features a bit pile of cups and saucers surrounded by all the goodies the ocean provides. Screen printed in our signature blue.

Dimensions: 77cm x 45cm

Material:  100% Cotton.

Made in Britain

Southsea Bathing Hut Mini Soap Set

A collection of luxury soaps with real Southsea charm. This set of four vegan and 100% natural soaps provide a range of scents that all nourish and cleanse the skin. Each bar is perfect for use as a hand or body wash in the bath or shower. 

The set includes unscented yet nourishing Aloe Sailor, brightening Lemon Soul, refreshing Mint Overboard and floral Rose Garden mini soaps, packed into a plastic-free tin that tell our story.

Our home city of Portsmouth was once known for its soap making and restorative sea bathing. We’re bringing that heritage back to life, with natural skincare inspired by coastal, natural beauty.

Included in the Mini Soap Set:

Aloe Sailor Artisan Soap Bar: This unscented bar nourishes and restores dry and damaged skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aloe vera is perfect for sensitive skin.

Lemon Soul Artisan Soap Bar: Lemon soul is a brightly scented soap bar. The uplifting lemongrass has great antibacterial properties for a fresh and purifying experience in the shower or bath.

Mint Overboard Artisan Soap Bar: Packed with rich oils, this refreshing mint soap also contains illite, a green clay that unclogs dirt and debris from pores, leaving skin cleansed and happy.

Rose Garden Artisan Soap Bar: Inspired by strolls through Southsea Rose Garden, this rich soap bar contains essential oils that increase circulation. The gentle floral soap also balances hormones and calms skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4 x 32g Artisan Soap Bars

Wild Flower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Bombs contain native wildflower species -A blend of 19 species of nectar and pollen rich annual and perennial flowers, which are proven favourites of honey bees and butterflies in our gardens. Our special selection provides forage over a long season making it an invaluable food source for bees.

Seed bombs can be stored for 2 years in cool dry conditions prior to use.

Scatter bombs onto clear (not too overgrown) areas or in pots/borders, between March & October (avoid periods of extreme heat). They like a sunny/partial sunny position & rain to help them grow.

Children should be supervised. Contain small parts. Do not consume.

Store in cool dry conditions

Handmade in Southsea using a mix of red clay, peat free compost, uk native seeds and water.


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