Handmade aromatherapy candles from Hello Komfort

“When I launched Hello Komfort I took inspiration from a trip I took to Copenhagen back in 2019. I wanted to embody Danish aesthetic while focusing on well-being. All my candles are eco-friendly, made from soy wax and only include pure essential oils for the best yet cleanest smell.”

“I really wanted my candles to have a hygge feeling when burning them. Hygge (hue-gah) is a Danish term meaning a feeling of contentment or well-being. This tied in perfectly with the use of essential oils and Hello Komfort’s mission of combating anxiety, stress and low mood.”

Bone China Mugs,Chopping Boards, Coasters, Keyrings & Teatowels from Port & Lemon

At Port & Lemon we like to create a quirky mix of nostalgia and wit that strikes a chord whether you’re a sailor, a galley slave, or just someone who aspires to live by the sea.  Our extensive range of contemporary home and gifts is bold, colourful and produced in the UK, and designed by us in our Hampshire studio.   

Choose from an amazing range of products from Southsea Bathing Hut

In its short history Southsea Bathing Hut has received national recognition and won numerous awards including Retailer of the Year at the Business South Awards in 2017.
All products are lovingly handmade in small batches from totally unique and original recipes, using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

We test all our cosmetics on ourselves – never on animals. What’s more, we comply fully with EU legislation. Our full range has been independently chemically certified free from any nasties. So you can pamper away with confidence.

Feeling spicy…we have Bligh’s Revenge from Spice Island Chilli to add to your hamper

All Spice Island Chilli sauces are made using the finest chilli varieties from local and international suppliers and each bottle includes quality ingredients throughout. Everything is prepared, cooked and blended by our chief cook and heat tester, who has been known to heat test a cargo of fresh scotch bonnet before breakfast.

​Spice Island Chilli sauces are wholesome and full of flavour,  produced in small batches of approximately 350 bottles per cook. Each has been scaled up using the original recipes we developed in our home kitchens. Back in the days when 7 hours work gave you 24 bottles, if you were lucky.

All bottles we produce are full of love… Love for the chilli, a passion for the history, gluten free and are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

A Range of Local Honey from Herbie’s Health

Southsea-siders – Herbies Health Store is literally right up your street! Where
we can we will source locally, offering balanced choices for the community,
supporting a fiercely independent and diverse high street.

A delicious range of Chutneys from The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm – A Family Business that has Grown from the Love of Garlic

The Garlic Farm have been growing garlic on the Isle of Wight for over 60 years. Experimenting with the many different varieties on “the Island” and creating a range garlic infused products from garlic mayonnaise to garlicky chutneys and from black garlic beer to garlic ice cream.

The amazingly hard working and dedicated Garlic Farm team is growing with the business and reaches up to 70 people in the height of the summer season.

Inspiration of Chocolate provide us with some delicious Chocolates

Based in Gosport, Kayleigh & Scott are behind the fabulous Inspiration of Chocolate. What we have available does vary from time to time but we can definitely say everything is super delicious!

Guga soap are a small soap manufacturer based in Southsea. All soaps based on natural raw materials, gently cleansing and with nourishing properties, free of unnecessary additives and colourants!

“IT ALL STARTED when my youngest daughter was born.
The joy of parenting was only disturbed by one thing – anytime we’d try to wash her she’d come out in a nasty rash. To fight the red itchy spots we’d buy more “gentle” baby liquid washes, but it just got worse.
We tried changing everything; diet, laundry powder, even using special lotions but nothing worked. After almost a year we found out our daughter is allergic to Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is a common ingredient in most gentle baby care products and replaces the standard SLS or SLES compounds in washing or bath liquids.
I decided to start with a simple oatmeal wash at the beginning. Later, I learnt that I can make my own, completely natural soap in my kitchen. Working in a lab was my full-time job just before pregnancy, so I found that the whole process of soap-making came very naturally to me. I didn’t have to wait long for the positive results…
My daughter is now completely free of any rashes or allergic reactions; for over two years she is exclusively washed with my soaps. I thought about how positively natural soap impacted my family’s skin health and my idea to start a business was born. The name “Guga Soap” comes from the very first ‘word’ my daughter said – ‘Guga’ is now her nickname 🙂
So I’d like to give you my soaps as they are, maybe imperfectly cut, hand-wrapped in brown paper, simple and raw – but this is what works for us best and what we’d like to call a good product. In fact, there’s a chance that it might change someone’s life.”


By the Seaside Wax Melts are based in Portsmouth and make beautifully fragranced soy melts.

The wax melts are made from 100% soy wax chips and fragranced with carefully picked and tested scents by Sofia at her home.

Soy wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil (from the soy bean) that turns into a solid at room temperature. It contains nothing nasty and is non-toxic and therefore burns cleanly.

We are lucky enough to be able to include from mid December 2020…

The Portsmouth Distillery Co. a premium artisan spirit producer. Established in 2018 they have their home in the fabulous eighteenth century Bastian of Fort Cumberland.

Located on Eastney Point on the southeastern tip of Portsea Island – Surrounded by the Sea and Centuries of naval history. They produce a range of spirits for your enjoyment.

They are passionate about the artisan spirit movement and giving Portsmouth it’s own distillery for the first time in hundreds of years.

Urban Island Brewing Co. founded 2014.

Passionate about brewing beer they enjoy creating a whole range of innovative, quality, modern craft beers using both traditional and new brewing methods with only the finest malt, hops and yeast.

Fast becoming one of Portsmouth’s most renowned breweries and Portsmouth & South East Hants CAMRA Brewery of the year 2019 & 2020.

Southsea Chocolate

Southsea Chocolate was founded by Hayden Taylor in 2020 with a vision to build the first chocolate brand that was truly sustainable, high quality, handmade and luxurious.

“All our products stand by these values and we hold them close to our hearts. Our packaging is fully recyclable, and we’re striving to be as low impact on the planet as we can be. Our cocoa comes from reputable suppliers recognised for their sustainability credentials and all our products are handmade by our expert chocolatiers in Portsmouth, UK.”

Broadway Coffee Roasters

The Blend of Coffee & Creativity

Founded by Duane Matthew Bradshaw, a former RAF Regiment Gunner,  time served Welder Fabricator, Artistic Sculptor and Speciality Coffee Roaster.

Duanes creative approach to coffee roasting is unlike any other. Following a successful career in engineering and experience in the Royal Air Force, his discipline, hard work ethic and artistic tendencies have enabled him to obsessively profile his roasts with great care and attention.

“Our mission Is to endorse and supply freshly roasted high grade coffee beans to baristas and home enthusiasts alike by sourcing continuity and micro lot batches, bringing to you a unique experience that celebrates the mastery of coffee roasting, the ingenuity of blending origins”.

Oud Island

Oud Island are a small business based in Portsmouth.

They have been selling their products face to face since 2008 and have recently embarked into online sales.

They are passionate about their product and wanted to reach a wider audience to enjoy their Ouds.

“Seeing our customers happy is what it is all about for us”.

Forced to be Fussy

Forced to be Fussy pride themselves on inspiring others to be creative with food even with vast food intolerances.

In December 2013 Jenna received blood results confirming an extensive list of food/drink intolerances. She was tested not because she had symptoms she was aware of but because it was recommended by medical staff concerned of a potential hereditary condition that is still not yet diagnosed.

It was recommended she eliminated a list of foods/drink from her day to day diet as a precaution for potential severe symptoms later on in life.

Here are all the things she has to avoid…- Wheat- Gluten- Dairy- Eggs- Cashew Nuts- Hazel Nuts- Almonds- Soya- Elderflower / berry- Barley / Malt- Crustacean.

Forced to be Fussy Products are Free From: Wheat – Gluten – Soya – Egg – Dairy – Nuts – VEGAN FRIENDLY

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose make gorgeous home Made Bath Bombs using all natural ingredients

They are based in Denmead and all their products are Vegan friendly.

Southsea Mudlark

Lynn Nicholls is Southsea Mudlark and having previously been a set designer for the B.B.C. where precision was important, her approach to working with clay is more spontaneous and intuitive.

Lynn makes functional ceramics, either thrown or slab built. She is influenced by a range of 20th century painters and sculptors and explores colour, line and decorative imagery, both abstract and representational, by responding to the shape and form of my pieces. While she often works in a series most of the pieces are one of a kind.

Lynn enjoys supporting community-based projects and for the past three years has worked with local potters and St Simon’s church in Southsea leading the ‘Empty Bowls’ project. Collectively they made and donated over 250 handmade bowls. ‘Empty Bowls’ brought people from the city in a communal environment to share a simple meal together, raise funds and awareness of the homeless and hungry in our city.

The Saucealists

From The Saucealists

“We started this adventure in 2018, and ever since we have been working hard to offer sauces for everyone that are tasty and interesting, unique and delicious, familiar but somewhat new. The Saucealists want you to maximise your taste buds with every meal, maybe experiment a little whatever the occasion. We want every visit to our shop to make you feel like you are exploring a culinary delight made easy!”