Broadway Coffee Roasters

The Blend of Coffee & Creativity

Founded by Duane Matthew Bradshaw, a former RAF Regiment Gunner,  time served Welder Fabricator, Artistic Sculptor and Speciality Coffee Roaster.

Duane’s creative approach to coffee roasting is unlike any other. Following a successful career in engineering and experience in the Royal Air Force, his discipline, hard work ethic and artistic tendencies have enabled him to obsessively profile his roasts with great care and attention.

“Our mission Is to endorse and supply freshly roasted high grade coffee beans to baristas and home enthusiasts alike by sourcing continuity and micro lot batches, bringing to you a unique experience that celebrates the mastery of coffee roasting, the ingenuity of blending origins”.

Budd’s Herbal Apothecary

Based in Albert Road, Southsea, Wendy works in a holistic manner, reviewing the entire body rather than just looking at various body systems in isolation. Holistic approaches take into account the individual’s emotional state as this impacts on health and well being. 

Wendy uses plant materials in the treatment of disease and the enhancement of optimum health. Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to man, even today an estimated 80% of the world’s population rely on herbs as their first line of defence against disease. 

Cajunel Cashews

Cajunel work in partnership with women from rural communities in Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire by creating sustainable livelihoods for many households. These women harvest and shell the cashew nut for Cajunel to make it into a tasty treat.

Made with love these wonderful flavoured cashews are handmade in Gosport by the very lovely Josiane.

Chocolate Aesthetic

Chocolate Aesthetic 2020 came about when Chris the business owner finally decided that he was going to be a professional Chocolatier.

After first learning the art of making chocolates in 2017 as a therapy following the loss of several close family members Chris developed his skills and has recently started the business he would like to spend his life working on – Chocolate has become his passion!

The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm – A Family Business that has Grown from the Love of Garlic

The Garlic Farm have been growing garlic on the Isle of Wight for over 60 years. Experimenting with the many different varieties on “the Island” and creating a range garlic infused products from garlic mayonnaise to garlicky chutneys and from black garlic beer to garlic ice cream.

The amazingly hard working and dedicated Garlic Farm team is growing with the business and reaches up to 70 people in the height of the summer season.

The Grate Larder – the produce they use is what makes them Grate!

Where it all began…the Grate Larder are Norman & Iris, a husband and wife team with a deep rooted for good food and good times shared.

The Grate Larder work closely with their suppliers to ensure the freshness and flavour of all ingredients.

They are also Grate Catering.

Grumpy Soaps

Dirty Bastard Grit Soap – Pumice Exfoliating Soap for Filthy Hands. Hand-made, plastic free and in recycled packaging.

This is a strong and pumice enriched soap for cleaning filthy hands. This product is great for thorough cleaning of dirty hands covered in grease, oil, paint, dirt. Ideal for mechanics, gardeners, decorators and anyone with filthy hands who wants a natural exfoliating soap with no chemical exfoliants or micro-plastic beads.

If you have ever use a pumice stone for removing dead and dry skin, this is a similar with an added easy-lathering soap component.

Ingredients : Sodium Cocoate, Pumice, Aqua, Glycerin.

Instructions : Use with warm or cold water to create a lather, apply to skin directly. Rinse off.
Avoid contact with eyes. Cease use if skin irritation occurs. For external use only.

If storing before unwrapping, please keep in a dry place or the paper wrapping may stick to the soap – if this happens it can be simply peeled off.

Please keep the in use bar in a way that allows water to drain – soap kept immersed in water will soften.

As a handmade product, there may be variations in the appearance of each bar.


Based in Southsea, Stef is the face behind GolyNatural. She creates an amazing range of products that offer Vegan friendly skin care which is 100% natural.
All her products are handcrafted in small batches.

A Range of Local Honey from Herbie’s Health

Southsea-siders – Herbies Health Store is literally right up your street! “Where we can we will source locally, offering balanced choices for the community, supporting a fiercely independent and diverse high street.”

The Home Spa

Naomi, Mummy to two little boys decided to take up a hobby during lockdown.  Ordering herself a wax melting kit online she soon found a therapeutic love for making melts. After much research, experimenting and hours over a double boiler she soon found the perfect wax melt recipe.

Over the following months she gifted friends and family with her creations with no intention of ever selling them but demand grew and The Home Spa was created.

In November 2021 they launched their Bath bombs, CBD bombs and Bath salts. That Christmas they were a sell out, making the brave decision to leave her job and follow her dream Naomi went on to open The Home Spa Shop.

Katie Bakes

Katie Bakes came about as a result of making Christmas gifts that were so well received, Katie decided to go into production on her kitchen table.  That was 10 years ago and a lot has changed!

Two years ago, Katie Bakes moved out of her home and into a small unit on the edge of Portsmouth Harbour.  They are now an awesome team of 5, with a few extra helpers, and supply baking mixes, which are still put together by hand, to individuals, corporate clients and retailers both large and small.

“We are still a small company but with a great capacity and passion for what we do.  Customer service and quality at every level are incredibly important to us and we want to ensure every customer goes away with a smile”.

Les macarons de Pauline 

Based in Portsmouth Pauline wanted to bring the taste of her beloved macaron to the UK. Something she absolutely succeeded in doing.

Specialist in high quality macarons offering a variety of flavours, as well as a custom service.

Macaron contain nuts.

Lulu’s Blooms

Lulu’s Blooms was established in 2021 from Lorraine’s love for flowers and all things flowering. Based in her garden studio in Southsea, she specialises in working with locally sourced and home grown dried and preserved flowers creating fearless and beautiful designs using florals that never die. In the last couple of years she has worked on many wonderful events, homes, weddings, installations and shoots having a ball making people feel special with her creations.

The Mildred Trouble Shop

Louise sells quirky, random and unique prints. Hand finished jewellery. Homeware and gifts.

She is based in Southsea, Hampshire.

Oud Island

Oud Island are a small business based in Portsmouth.

They have been selling their products face to face since 2008 and have recently embarked into online sales.

They are passionate about their product and wanted to reach a wider audience to enjoy their Ouds.

“Seeing our customers happy is what it is all about for us”.

Port & Lemon

“At Port & Lemon we like to create a quirky mix of nostalgia and wit that strikes a chord whether you’re a sailor, a galley slave, or just someone who aspires to live by the sea.  Our extensive range of contemporary home and gifts is bold, colourful and produced in the UK, and designed by us in our Hampshire studio.”   

The Portsmouth Distillery

The Portsmouth Distillery Co. a premium artisan spirit producer. Established in 2018 they have their home in the fabulous eighteenth century Bastian of Fort Cumberland.

Located on Eastney Point on the southeastern tip of Portsea Island – Surrounded by the Sea and Centuries of naval history. They produce a range of spirits for your enjoyment.

They are passionate about the artisan spirit movement and giving Portsmouth it’s own distillery for the first time in hundreds of years.

Powder Monkey Brewing Co.

Co-Founder and CEO Andy first found the building that spawned Powder Monkey Brewing in 2019. An Historic Naval Gunpowder Store in Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, it had remained empty and partially derelict for over fifty years.

Despite its shocking state, the vision was born, and the work began on planning the brewery and developing the brand. The name Powder Monkey relates to the boys and girls who carried the gunpowder to the guns on board ships.

Having recruited Mark, our Head Brewer to the team, Andy & Mark spent many hours planning the working side of the brewery, specifying the equipment and ensuring it was as efficient and productive as possible.

Roll forward to July 2021 and the new facility was up and running and the first beers brewed. The brewery building contains the production facility as well as a visitor centre, shop and tasting bar.

Powder Monkey are proud to sponsor Fleetlands FC at their Home Ground, Powder Monkey Park

Pure Cariad

“We love the most pure and natural products, and wish to share our philosophy and experience in aromatherapy with you.”

In Welsh Cariad is the word for love.

Pure Cariad was created from a passion for natural candles with pure essential oils, filling your home with scents that can lift the mood, relax and balance the mind and soothe the body.

Smell is often an under used sense. However our sense of smell can enable us to recall memories of people, places, special times in our lives and favourite foods as well as encouraging our bodies and mind to relax, unwind and restore calm. Using essential oils enables the candles to fill your space with beautiful aromas, without the use of harsh chemicals, and create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, focus, mood lifting or of course, a peaceful sleep.

With over 17 years of Aromatherapy experience the founder of Pure Cariad, Nic Prichard, has created a range of candles and complimentary use products to reflect these well being states as well as products to reflect each season which can be used to bring the outside in or create your favourite season whatever the weather outside.

All candles made at the studio are hand made using fine quality soy wax, wooden wicks which crackle very gently to add to the ambiance and pure essential oils. The aroma is subtle but rich in natural well being properties, and contain no chemically enhanced scent.

Soap & Rose

Soap & Rose is a small family run business based in Purbrook, Hampshire and run by the lovely Charlotte.

All their products are 100% handmade using high quality ingredients and the traditional cold process method, before being individually wrapped in eco-friendly packaging ready for shipping.

Their range of soaps are completely ‘Natural’ made using only essential oils, plant and clay colourants.

They are proud to say that none of our products contain palm oil or synthetic ingredients and are vegan friendly, SLS and paraben free.

Spice Island

All Spice Island Chilli sauces are made using the finest chilli varieties from local and international suppliers and each bottle includes quality ingredients throughout. Everything is prepared, cooked and blended by our chief cook and heat tester, who has been known to heat test a cargo of fresh scotch bonnet before breakfast.

​Spice Island Chilli sauces are wholesome and full of flavour,  produced in small batches of approximately 350 bottles per cook. Each has been scaled up using the original recipes we developed in our home kitchens. Back in the days when 7 hours work gave you 24 bottles, if you were lucky.

All bottles we produce are full of love… Love for the chilli, a passion for the history, gluten free and are vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Squidmoo were successful in winning a crowdfunding campaign to reduce the single use plastic problem we have in Portsmouth. This is one of their new concepts to start working on the issues right here on the south coast.

Planet friendly products. Made from bamboo fibre and rice husk these are the perfect reusable cup for all your daily outings!

Sweet Tooth Southsea

Luke is the face behind Sweet Tooth Southsea and they are a super addition to Albert Road. They sell delicious coffee alongside a variety of sweets and treats!

Tea Mountain

Tea Mountain’s teas are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Enjoy all the health benefits of your favourite beverage, as well as learn about the background of it. As well as the tea being eco-friendly, so is the packaging. The pouches and labels are all biodegradable, and the labels are printed on recycled paper.


In the 20th century, VAUDEVILLE theatre shows became extremely popular for pushing class boundaries and rigid social standards. It was authentic, bold and thrilling, requiring acts of the best caliber worldwide to execute brave and provocative entertainment of almost every genre.

VAUDVILLE is just as genuine and disruptive, for all of the right reasons. Their uncompromising attitude to quality has set them levels above any competition as they refuse to make anything short of perfect…

They have stripped away from commercial practices that leave you with a weak and artificial taste and instead have created bold spirits that taste just like the nectar of the fresh fruits themselves.

Wines by the Sea

There is a fab new independent wine shop opened at the top of Albert Road called Wines By The Sea! Owned by Lucy Reynolds, who absolutely loves wine and decided in lockdown to chase her dream of becoming a fully qualified wine connoisseur.

Starting this journey in 2020, Lucy worked hard to graduate and pass her sommelier course so that she could go on and plan a premise, where she could meet wine enthusiasts as well as advise on wine stock she has in-store and be a physical presence on the high street.


Based in Portsmouth Yarty handcraft all their cordials using old family recipes and some new ones that they have created themselves. 

Yarty cordials came about by making drinks to recipes created by Jayne’s grandmother, Mabel Plascott and introducing them to friends when they came to visit.

In 1914 Mabel attended THE cookery school of the time; A.B. Marshall’s in Mortimer St, London. She went on to serve the grand country estates of the New Forest during the 1920’s and 30’s. Finding herself in great demand due to her exceptional flair for cooking. Not to mention her growing reputation for organising amazing parties, especially for the gentry and visiting Royals.

They have developed a special method of gentle pasteurisation, which enables them to create our cordials without the addition of any artificial preservatives. As the cordials are completely free of colourings, preservatives or flavourings, and contain a large percentage of fresh fruit juice, they are suitable for children and Vegans.

Yarty has become known in the trade as the covert cordial as it’s not found everywhere and is chosen for its quality and its exclusivity.

They are also producers of Britain’s Premium Artisan Vinegars,

‘B’ – This is their take on a Balsamic vinegar.

Using slow roasted black garlic, a touch of sugar and infused in vinegar for up to six months. They believe they have created the 1st British black garlic vinegar that exudes a unique Umami taste.

Let ‘B’ be your culinary inspiration whatever it may be….

Salads, stews, sauces, dips on its own and let it be what you want it to ‘B’

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